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About Us

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Suntree was founded with the mission to spread solar across the rooftops of Australia while providing an exceptional customer experience

We believe in creating satisfied customers to gain rapid growth of the company and to expand nationally over the next couple of years.

We currently serve in a residential and a commercial space designing, supplying and installing solar power systems up to 100kW in size.

Peace of mind and clean solar power for years to come.

Suntree is continuing to operate with a mission to share our energy expertise and provide an exceptional customer experience.

We provide the energy insights our customers need to make smarter decisions, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and generate revenue in ways you hadn’t thought of. We have the resources to give you peace of mind that we’ll be here to provide solar power to you for years to come.

About us

Suntree Australia is a CEC Approved Solar Retailer and Battery Specialist, We offers solar panels and energy options for homes and businesses with energy-efficient financing solutions.